gotta love all your sentimental virtue

eight-balls with the takers that'll make you

22, female, perfectionist, physics & math double major, cPHT, nfi what is after graduation. Writes, takes photographs, draws (lol), RPs, sometimes derps out on Xbox Live.
Likes talking to and getting to know people, although often won't go out of her way to talk to people first in fear of being a bother. Regardless, very protective of friends, and friends are friends for life.
Current immediate interests are high fashion, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy XIII & XIII Versus, Christian Bale & Daniel Craig.
Also known to like amongst other things: James Bond, FFVII, DOGs, Devil May Cry, Batman (Nolanverse & etc), Star Trek, Star Wars, Tales of the Abyss, Shadow Hearts, Gensou Suikoden, and somewhere in there BJDs.

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